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VeBridge has helped the Bluegrass with ECM since 1998

Bring Speed And Simplicity To

Accounts Payable


By investing in AP automation, your organization is taking a great step towards improved productivity and efficiency. In addition to timely payments you’ll now have the time and ability to manage inquiries and review discrepancies around invoice management with quick resolution.

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Find Information Faster

2-way and 3-way matching is incredibly labor intensive. VeBridge automates the majority of matching and provides instant access to supporting documentation for exception processing.

Supports Existing Workflow 

VeBridge can design review and approval workflows that mirror your present processes. In many cases this can eliminate over 80% of the "touches".

Process More Invoices

It's true. Automating AP processes can cut your invoice processing time by over 75%. This allows you to focus on paying vendors on time and accurately.

Get Long Term ROI

Most organizations recover their AP automation investment in under a year. From then on, all the saving hit the bottom line.

WOW, I didn't know you could do this. I wish I had this capability 3 years ago.

Mark Fraiser

CFO at Company

We could put a quote here or I can put a some AP automation savings Stats.

Susan Bone

CFO at Company

Maybe I could put logo's of software partners we work somewhere near here too

James Cohen

CFO at Company

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